Construction Paper Pad for Art and Craft, Assorted Colors 6"x9", Case Pack of 36

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Construction Paper Pad, 6"x9", 72 Sheets, Case Pack of 36. The construction paper pad features a heavy-duty paper that is excellent for a variety of mediums and techniques. Construction paper is an all-purpose crafting staple that is great for both school and home use. It is perfect for drawing, painting, cut and paste signs, and other arts & crafts projects or DIY projects. Get Your Skills to Life with everyone's favorite construction pad. You will have Vibrant and Versatile Construction Paper that can be Cut, Curl, and Fold With Success easily and Perfect for Grade School Kids. This construction paper helps kids make smooth cutouts and holds up to the everyday classroom use of folding, scoring, and curling. It is also useful for making holiday cards and stage decorations. AUKSales construction paper is both durable and affordable, making it the perfect choice for projects that kids, parents, and teachers can feel proud of. We offer a variety of colors made to inspire each child's colorful paper constructions. This construction paper is recyclable.

  • This construction paper is great for any activity such as for school projects, crafts projects, office-related work, and Decoration purpose.
  • Great for creating simple and complex modular origami sculptures; you can Amaze family and friends with your origami talents.
  • We offer paper that Folds easily to create crisp, clean creases. The writing on this paper leaves a good impact with a smooth texture.
  • This colored construction paper is a perfect craft paper that easily cuts and can be drawn on with crayon, marker, colored pen/pencils, and chalk. Also compatible with inkjet, laser, offset printers and making photocopies.
  • Color copy paper Size is 6" x 9" and comes in 1 Bundle of 72 Sheets, Case Pack of 36 Bundles, Ideal for Bulk Buyers.

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