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Which is Better for You in 2022: Bar Soap or Body Wash?

This age-old dispute between bar soap and body wash has many people torn. While some people love the squeaky-clean feeling they get after showering with bar soap, others believe it is too harsh and dries up sensitive skin. On the other hand, although body wash devotees swear by their loofahs and washcloths for the perfect lather, critics accuse these gadgets of being germ breeding grounds.

We're chiming in here to highlight the advantages of both bar soap and body wash, so you can make an informed decision about which product to bring home. Both product types successfully cleanse skin of dirt, germs, and other noxious build-up.

Let us explain some benefits of Bar Soap:

Simple application approach:

On moist skin, work into a lather, then rinse. Loofahs, washcloths, sponges, body brushes, and other similar items can also be used if you want to! But you may keep using the bar soap until it runs out, which eliminates the need to turn a body wash container over as the recipe depletes.


Although body washes with exfoliating characteristics and chemicals are becoming more common, bar soaps provide much-needed exfoliation without the inconvenience of using (and cleaning!) loofahs and washcloths. For even greater skin stimulation, bar soaps might include built-in nubs.

Size won't matter:

Are you running out of room on your apartment? Don't allow a lack of space keep you from having clean skin! In a corner shower, a whole bottle of body wash might take up too much room. Fortunately, a soap bar will easily fit into that small crack in the wall. 

Ideal for sensitive skin:

You may have heard that many people with eczema or some other issues avoid using bar soap because it contains skin-drying chemicals. However, we believe that the narrative of bar soap for sensitive skin is far from over. Even if your skin is prone to dryness, bar soaps with plant-based compositions and a regulated pH level are safe to use. Just make sure you choose right brands and products that are upfront about their components.

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Benefits of Body Wash you might not know:

A thick, luxurious lather:

The chance to indulge in the indulgent loofah-lather shower sensation is perhaps the best advantage of body wash. As long as you maintain your shower items clean, you can be confident that your skin will feel nurtured and revitalised as you exit the shower.

Convenient for travel:

Soap bars may fit into almost every nook and cranny, but they aren't the most portable format. One of the advantages of body wash is that it eliminates the need to wrap a slick soap bar in paper and carry it in a bag. Simply seal the body wash bottle lid and store it.

Sensitive skin body wash:
Body wash is generally liquid in form and contains foaming ingredients that generate a lather when mixed with water. Certain foaming chemicals, such as those found in sulphate cleansers, might irritate sensitive skin. Body wash, on the other hand, might be a fantastic alternative for persons with sensitive skin if it has plant-based components and does not include strong foaming agents. 

Body cleanser for those with dry skin
The majority of body washes contain skin-softening emollients, which help to keep your skin moisturized and supple. If you have dry skin that requires hydration, a creamy body wash will smooth it out and not irritate it while lathering.


Because bar soaps are frequently drying and might be too harsh for use on the face, body wash's moisturizing properties allow you to lather everywhere you like, including your face.

So who wins this debate?

Still undecided about whether to use bar soap or body wash? Let's be honest about this. While there may be differences in the advantages of bar soap vs. body wash depending on your skin type, you can bank on both products to cleanse your skin.

You may discover a sensitive skin body wash and a sensitive skin bar soap, as long as the products don't include harsh chemicals and are infused with plant-based components. In the end, the best product is a matter of personal choice.

When deciding between bar soap and body wash, take into account your overall skin care regimen. 

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