AMPAD Peel & Seel Envelopes # 10 - 25ct orange, Case Pack of 100 , Ideal for Bulk Buyers

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AMPAD Peel & Seel Envelopes  # 10 - 25ct orange, Case Pack of 100 , Ideal for Bulk Buyers. These peel and seel envelopes are great to mail your important documents, invitations or etc. They are easy to use, handy in size and is travel friendly too.

  • There are 25 envelopes in each pack and size of these envelopes are #10, 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"
  • These envelopes made up of heavy weight paper
  • These are ideal to be used with todays PC printers
  • It is available is orange color
  • It is available in case pack of 100, Ideal for bulk buyers , retailers and wholesalers

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