Apple Self Stick Notepad 3"x 5", 50 Sheets, Case Pack of 36, Ideal for Bulk Buyers

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APPLE Self Stick Notepad 3"x 5", 50 sheets, Case Pack of 36, Ideal for Bulk Buyers. It is useful for students and people at work to write down some important points or details. The sticky notes are handy notes on which you can write important points or details or just a reminder note to yourself and stick it to your book, wall,door or anywhere you want.

  • The size of sticky note is 3" x 5". There are 50 sheets in total
  • They are compact in size and come in handy when in need
  • It is easy to use and is travel friendly
  • It is available in case pack of 36
  • It is ideal for wholesalers and retailers

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