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Best Hand Sanitizer to Stay Safe

Covid-19 has changed our lives largely. It has changed the way people go by their lives. Working from home and wearing masks and hand sanitizers are the main elements of the new normal. We cannot imagine a life without a mask and a hand sanitizer now, can we? They are the basic two assets that we keep with us while stepping out from our homes every day.

Germs are present everywhere! They can easily be transferred to surfaces and things we use on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to have the best hand sanitizer in your bag all the time. If you touch any unwanted surface, use it instantly as you cannot wash your hands while you are on the go.

Hand sanitizers have 60% alcohol in them which helps them in killing various germs or reducing their potency to a large extent. It is true that washing hands is more effective as it kills all the germs on your hands, if you wash them effectively for 20 seconds. But, as you cannot use soap and water while being on the go or while you are doing your groceries, it is crucial to minimize the risk in all possible ways. And a sanitizer helps you do so as it kills many types of germs and is effective. During these times of Covid-19, it is best to buy hand sanitizer and keep them at your home. You can also get wholesale hand sanitizer from AUKSales to stock them for a month or two. This way, you wouldn't run out of them soon and will always have this essential personal protection element with you.

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective for the Coronavirus?

Experts believe that hand sanitizer is effective in killing a variety of viruses that combine to cause the Coronavirus. Thus, it is an effective protection tool to keep with yourself at all times due to the uncertainty that is built around. It reduces your chances of getting the Covid-19. However, it is best to not touch your eyes, nose or mouth while you are outdoors. It is best to be safe rather than being sorry.

Here are some things to consider, according to the health and medicine experts:

  • It is best to buy hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. It works best for killing a variety of germs and viruses.
  • The best way to use a sanitizer is to cover the entire surface of your hands, from back and the palm too. Read through the packaging before you use it. They usually have directions about how much to use on your hands. However, stay away from fire sources until and unless the sanitizer is absorbed.
  • Experts also state that it is important to keep the sanitizers away from children who are unaware of how to use it. If your child swallows the sanitizer by accident, it can cause several issues, including alcohol poisoning. Also keep your sanitizers away from the kitchen and all places which have fire resources in them.
  • Do check the sanitizer on the US Food and Drug Administration list before buying it. If you don’t find it in the list, then do not buy it. If the administration doesn’t approve of it, it can cause a lot of issues and might contain toxic ingredients for the human skin.

Usefulness of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is indisputably very helpful in controlling the transfer of viruses and bacteria. Doctors have been using sanitizers for years in hospitals. Although this pandemic has triggered the use of sanitizers more and has educated people about it too. But it has been used by medical experts for years. It controls viruses and stops them from being transferred easily. Make sure that you buy the best hand sanitizer and keep it along with you, whenever you leave your home.

Can You Get Wholesale Hand Sanitizer?

Yes, you can! Everyone wants to keep hand sanitizers at their homes. With the uncertain times, it is best to get hand sanitizer bulk, so that you don't run out of them easily. AUKSales is the best spot for you as we bring you the best sanitizers at a very good price. We allow you to buy hand sanitizer in bulk and offer high quality sanitizers only.

You can order through us and buy wholesale hand sanitizer from us. We are just a click away and deliver to you within days. Our team works efficiently to provide the best customer services. If you have any queries about hand sanitizers or their quality, you can reach the customer service easily. We answer all your queries and worries and our team gets back to you as soon as possible.

Are All Hand Sanitizers Equal?

No. All hand sanitizers are not created equally. You must check it before you buy hand sanitizer. The best hand sanitizer is created with 60% alcohol. Any sanitizer with less than 60% alcohol is not good enough and is not effective either. Studies show that sanitizers that have less concentrations are not effective and do not kill any germs. Thus, it is your duty to check the sanitizer before you buy it. The best hand sanitizer is the one which has 60-90% alcohol present in them.

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