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How Legal Pads are Different from Notebooks?

Notebooks or writing pads have existed for years now. It all started with a single paper and now, the term of notebooks has evolved so largely, that we have an array of various types of them available. There are so many differences between these types that one can easily get confused as to which one might be the best for them.

These note writing tools are extremely attractive for anyone who has a special adoration for writing down things. Whether you love making notes or you are a lawyer and you require the best legal pads; you can get an impeccable variety at AUKSales. But before we explore and buy legal pads, there is so much that one can learn about them.

Difference Between Legal Pads and Notebooks

We will be differentiating between legal pads vs notebooks, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses and what makes the two different in other ways. If you are planning to buy legal pads but you are not sure whether you should get it or buy other wholesale writing pads; this knockdown of differences will help you decide.


Notebooks are bulky and are protected by a strong cover. They usually have 96 sheets of paper. These are used for securing notes and are usually meant for long term use. Notebooks are a daily use gadget for students, office goers and even for women who work from home.

Legal Pads

On the other hand, legal pads have a stack of 50 yellow papers. It is a slim and lightweight writing pad, used for “writing on the go” purposes. Even though it is not as sturdy as a notebook, a legal pad is definitely cooler and is easier to carry, wherever you go.

Pros and Cons

Now, we weigh the pros and cons of legal pads and notebooks; what really makes the difference?

  • Effectiveness in Present

Legal pads don’t come with a cover. An idea pops into your head and you can simply write it down, right away, without any effort. It is quicker to access when brainstorming. On the other hand, notebooks come with sturdy covers and require a little hassle to get started to scribble on them. Moreover, lefties tend to love legal pads more.

According to research, the color yellow stimulates brain activity which yet again, makes legal pads, a great option. Thus, legal pads do stand out in terms of efficacy in the present moment.

  • Future Efficiency

Notebooks are certainly the winners here as they are meant for long-term use and perseverance of notes. You can toss the notebook in your bag, knowing that its sturdy covering will protect it. However, toss a legal pad carelessly in your bag and its edges will begin to curl and tear up.

Notebooks are not only the winners for future use efficacy in terms of its cover protection but also tend to be used longer as they come with around 100 pages. Legal pads have hardly 50 pages which will finish off earlier. Likewise, notebooks secure the notes that you write down. Legal pads don’t have any protection which means that your brainstorming sessions can be damaged as well. Thus, if you need your notes in the future, then you definitely need to rely on notebooks.

  • Popularity

Well, if you are a fan of watching movies then you are well aware that legal pads have stolen the limelight. They are featured in some huge movies like A Few Good Men from 1992, the Lincoln Lawyer from 2011, The Spotlight from 2015 and My Cousin Vinny from 1992 along with many others. Legal pads are definitely cooler and much more famous.

On the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that notebooks have also evolved largely and their impressively designed covers are getting fame these days. Thus, they are not behind in the race of popularity anyhow.

Who Wins; Legal Pads or Notebooks?

Legal pads and notebooks both are great picks to make, depending on your situation and use. If you want an easy and quick way to write down your ideas and just scribble through your brainstorming sessions during meetings then legal pads are certainly for you. On the contrary, if you like deep planning and journaling and preserving ideas and notes, then you might just want to pick a notebook.

Why Do Lawyers Use Legal Pads?

We have usually seen the best legal pads, in the hands of lawyers. And this brings up the question as to why lawyers use legal pads a lot? Well, we have some answers for this.

  • Lawyers have a lot of documents to manage. Thus, they use lawyer pads to make their notes stand out from their white paper documents.
  • Yellow colored pad is soothing for the eyes too. White paper is brighter for the eyes and yet again, as lawyers have to deal with a lot of documentation, they tend to use the best legal pads for their scribbling.
  • Legal pads are easy to access and scribble on and lawyers tend to appreciate this feature and use these.

Where to Get Best Legal Pads From?

AUKSales excels in providing high quality, bulk legal pads at affordable prices. If you are looking for the best place to buy legal pads from, then we assure you of premium quality and affordability. We have all types of writing pads accessible which gives our customers a variety to choose from. Whether you are looking for wholesale writing pads or wholesale legal pads, AUKSales has it all for you. You are just a click away from getting yours.

To conclude; legal pads are definitely the style stealer and have been the cool element in a lot of movies too. However, it really depends on your situation and usage, as to what you need to pick. You can buy writing pads online from AUKSales, at a very great price and the quality stands out too. So, what are you waiting for? Get your shopping spree for best legal pads rolling.

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