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5 Must-Have Stationery Items for Bloggers

To be honest nothing feels better than opening up the first page of a fresh new notebook or using a beautiful pen for the first time, it gives an extra feel to the writer. This feeling is like eating your favorite meal. In this article we will mention a few important stationery items every writer/blogger must have.

1: To-do lists

You don't need to be a person with messy sticky notes all over your room trying to make you remember your tasks. To-do list pads are an absolute lifesaver and keep everything assembled without any confusion. You can see everything you’ve got to do in one place and you can carry it as well. There are different methods of organizing your daily tasks on a planner, but everyone finds their way of writing their work once they adapt the habit of writing it down on to-do list. 


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2: Diary

If you’re a person that can’t live without keeping a diary, then we're friends. Dairy can be your best friend. Some people don't like the idea of having a diary or carrying it. Apparently it's too old school for them. Let me tell you there is nothing cooler than keeping a diary. It makes your personality look more confident in your own skin.

A diary keeps you more organized and is great for helping you manage things. Of course you can have your own custom made diaries and diaries according to your need. It can be used to note down your working notes or even personal thoughts. 

3: Desk Planner

Desk planner is usually very underrated but if you take my advice after getting one for yourself everything will change. It’s a notepad that you keep on your desk with your to-do list on. You've been able to keep better control of your daily tasks and your productivity will improve greatly. 

4: Pens

Choosing pens can be tricky and confusing as there are so many pens to choose from. Depending on what type of pen you use, your handwriting can either look really lovely or really messed up. You can decide what kind of pen really suits you or make your handwriting glow on paper. This can improve your writing abilities as well. 


5: Page Corner Bookmarks

Usually a lot of writers and bloggers get their writing ideas from magazines and books. Instead of folding all the pages down, you can use these little page corner bookmarks. They’re magnet, so you just put them on the page that you want to remind yourself about and they’ll stay there. Plus, they’re great for easy access too.


These are some of must have stationary items for established or aspiring bloggers. You can check all our products at AUKSales on cheap price.

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