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Buy Cool Stickers for Kids!

Let’s be honest, growing up we all have a cool sticker collection or some might have a book consisting of stickers. When we think about those days, it brings back a lot of memories and beautiful days of our life back. Days of no expectations and trying to look savage all the time. Well at that time we didn’t know what being ‘Savage’ meant. Time changes quickly but what remains constant is the love for stickers.

Moving ahead from our childhood and thinking how cool sticker collection can make your kids look cool, that’s what this article is about.

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Reasons to buy cool stickers for kids:
Playing with stickers can help your little kids with so many skill areas. When your children see a pack of stickers, what grabs his/her attention?  Maybe it’s the brightest and coolest sticker on the sheet, or maybe it’s a special cartoon character. Whatever it is that brings you sticker joy, they all are perfect for developmental areas for your kids.

  1. Neat Grasp Stickers are fine motor skills.  Peeling sticky pictures requires a neat pincer grasp in order to pull up the edge of a sticker from the sheet.  Tips of a child's fingers are needed to grip such a tiny area.  For some kids it is quite a difficult task. They might not realize but it will help them practice neat pincer grasp.  
  2. Hand Coordination: It’s an important skill for so many tasks.  Peeling these stickers requires two hands to work and to hold the sheet with one hand and peel with the other hand.  Both hands are involved in the work and doing different tasks. It improves hand coordination.  
  3. Visual Scanning: It is required for skills like reading and writing. Kids can scan a sticker sheet to peel off the sticker that they want, which will ultimately help them scan the environment around.
  4. Spatial Awareness for kids: Difficulties with spatial awareness can make reading and writing, or even functioning in all normal daily life tasks very difficult. Use these stickers as a visual cue for spatial awareness.
  5. Hand Strength: You might question how something as small as a sticker will work on improving hand strength?  Children need strength in the small muscles of their hands in order to have endurance in coloring or writing. Kids can use stickers to build the strength of hand muscles by peeling stickers from sheets. 
  6. Gross Motor Development: Things like jumping jacks are gross motor tasks that can be difficult to perform for some kids.  Use stickers as a visual cue or obstacle in practicing these areas for kids to develop this skill.

Summing up this article, I would like to mention that sometimes these tasks are not so important a part of child development, because growing up we have never realized its importance. We never know what can impact our kids and benefit them. Grooming and self-learning for kids are very important and we need to make sure that in their childhood we as adults give them a platform that is beneficial for their future life.

When we allow our kids to learn and give them the much needed platform, it will groom their personalities. We need to remember not everyone in the classroom is meant to be a doctor or scientist. You will have an artist, a sportsman, a musician and an aspiring filmmaker. So don’t give them what they don’t aspire to but what they actually require.


Let us know what you think about this article on how cool stickers are helpful for your kids and if you were about it before or not? 

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