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Do you know on average American wastes 55 minutes per day (approximately 12 days per year) hunting for items they own but cannot locate? It’s not me but an article in Newsweek stated this.

Just think about a situation where you must meet a deadline of a project, but you are completely disoriented by the plethora of tasks, documents, and other data associated with it. You missed a deadline.

We'll be honest: it happened to us more than once in our professional life. But this resulted in panic and loss of control of what you’re trying to accomplish. Your efficiency and productivity suffer and eventually, you miss your deadlines and leave behind an uncoordinated team.

Obviously, this is something we would prefer to avoid.

If you are experiencing this, this blog will be quite beneficial because I will be giving workplace organization suggestions that will increase your performance, lessen your daily stress, and even set you up for a nice little promotion.

Before I describe the most important office organization tools you should try to enhance your productivity, let me explain why office organization is important. A well-organized workplace is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few advantages of getting organized:

Enhanced Productivity

Disorganization takes a lot of time but if you stay organized, you'll save time hunting for different activities, documents, or projects, and you'll be able to focus more on what you need to complete. Furthermore, because everything is nicely structured in your preferred organizational tool, you will become more efficient when allocating different resources. It also goes without saying that this will boost your and your team's productivity and help you get more done in general.

Stress Reduction

Maybe disorganization is causing stress at your workplace as you are unable to manage time-limited tasks or deadlines. But trust me, if your takeaway from this blog is adopting and implementing workplace organization suggestions, it would be my achievement. I hope if you learn how to organize your workplace, at the end of the day, it all boils down to being more efficient and stress-free. You will be able to lower your own and your team's stress levels if you use one of the numerous organizational solutions for the office because everyone will have their paperwork, projects, and resources in one location. In a nutshell, you'll no longer have to worry about undone work, missed deadlines, or lost data.

Everything in easy approach

Having a tool for managing your workloads means you'll be able to maintain everything relevant to your business in one place, rather than chasing different data around your computer or numerous applications. This is related to productivity and will undoubtedly save you a huge amount of time and anxiety in the long - term.

If you want to advance in your career, there is evidence that cluttering reduces your chances of receiving that next promotion, both by increasing your performance and by establishing a positive impression of your work habits with higher-ups.

No one can be too organized, there is always room for improvement

Luckily, we are living in a world where there is a plethora of various organizational tools for everything we do in our professional life. They grow like weeds in your garden, with a new one sprouting every day. But which one has been chosen? Is it the one who will fix all your organizational issues? Let me give you a few suggestions:

Sticky Notes

My first favorite tool which I am in love with and should recommend to you, is sticky notes. You can constitute a critical component of modern product, design, and company strategy by sticking different sticky notes based on their color, size, and stickiness on to a wall. Whether it's something a customer said, an interesting concept we discovered, or a simple reminder like "do laundry, a sticky note allows us to instantly capture fresh data or information we've acquired from our surroundings.

You can:

  1. Use a sticky note pad as a little to-do list, with one task per note that can be erased when completed.
  2. Stick these on your desk to help you remember appointments and keep track of the working day.
  3. Put a sticky note in a file to highlight portions and information you need to remember.

These tricks will bring ease into your life.

 Writing Pad

You must be thinking that in a world full of flashy, hyper-connected note-taking tools and apps why am I suggesting writing pad? It's true that pen and paper has been replaced with iPads and Tablets, but you'll be astonished to learn that, even in the digital age, the use of pen and paper is just as necessary and critical as it was before. Trust me, I am a technology lover but still I am in love with writing pads. It's still an excellent choice for taking notes and I passionately believe after knowing them you would also love to keep them with you in the office. I bet nothing beats flipping through a page of your notepad and scribbling down ideas. Furthermore, you will discover that you can concentrate better on paper because there are fewer distractions than on a screen.

Most importantly, when you write down a point with pen, you tend to memorize it which can be very handy in a workspace. Since the process of writing down is more natural, the ideas that flow on paper from your mind are also more natural and limitless. So, tell me what’s your opinion about writing pads?

Push Pins

push pin is a long, thick pin with a cylindrical tip that reminds you of the shape of a top hat. The top of a push pin is typically constructed of plastic and is available in several colors as well as a transparent clear variant. A push pin can be used to hang a small, lightweight item on a wall, but primarily they are intended for use on bulletin boards.

I would suggest you organize your workspace using push pins. You can maintain a bulletin board for upcoming deadlines, important tasks, office rules, motivating posters, and other vital materials to stay organized and more efficient. Multi-colored push pins can provide a playful touch to a bulletin board, and transparent push pins can be elegant. Thumb tacks can also be used for the same purpose. Before I move to the next suggestion, let me enhance your knowledge by telling you that Edwin Moore invented the first push pin. The Moore Push Pin Company is still in business, just outside of Philadelphia.

Binder Clip

A binder clip, also known as a paper clamp, fold over clip, or clasp, is a basic mechanism for joining sheets of paper. Unlike staples, it leaves the paper intact and may be removed fast and effortlessly. You must be wondering why I am recommending binder clip when we can staple papers.

Wait! Do you know the clever use of binder clips take advantage of other office supplies to make them useable for several applications? My few suggestions are:

  1. To secure calendars, messages, and critical notices, insert a thumbtack into a cork board and hang clips.
  2. Binder clips allow you to display artwork or posters on the wall without damaging them.
  3. Large binder clips in the center of a book or paper can also be used to keep them open while the hands are free to do other things.
  4. They can serve as a label for folders, shelves, drawers, and boxes.
  5. The perfect tool for document security, whether in stacks, rolled up, or in file cabinets.


An efficient office filing system is essential for every company that deals with invoices, receipts, and other records, whether on paper or digitally. Even if your company doesn't deal with a lot of paperwork, remaining organized and efficient will assist keep things going smoothly.

My suggestion is to manage and divide your files and paper by using folders. If you don’t have a folder at your desk, all your papers and files would create a mess at your desk, and you would not be able to find the right file or paper at the right time. Folders came in varied sizes, colors, and shapes. You can also use cascade File to save and organize your papers.

There are so many other items to organize your office desk such as index card box, tab dividers, bubble mailer, envelopes, book rings, color coding flags, coin wrappers, rubber bands and many others.

If you've read this entire post and reading this, you'll undoubtedly have a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the best organizational tool for your desk or your company. If you need more organizational ideas, write to us, we are at your disposal. And if you think some idea is missing, tell in the comment box.


Keep Organized!

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