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We all love to feel the sun on our skin and enjoy cool summer nights. However, that also means we need to be extra diligent about protecting ourselves from ultraviolet rays. Flip-flops are a wonderful way to help protect your feet from cuts and scrapes if you’re walking barefoot on hot surfaces or rough terrain. They’re also a great first line of defense against poisonous plants and insects like snakes and spiders that tend to come out in the summer heat. If you live somewhere with an active outdoor lifestyle, you already know how much good flip-flops can do for you. But if not, here are seven reasons you should be wearing flip flops and why you should invest in some good pair of flip-flops:

  1. They're comfortable, light, and airy
  2. Protect your feet from painful burns and cuts
  3. Keep your toenails and skin in good condition
  4. Help you stay safe from poisonous plants, snakes, and insects
  5. Make it easier for you to actively enjoy summer activities
  6. They’re cheap!
  7. They help you develop better foot strength and posture

Let’s begin!

1. They’re Comfortable, Light, and Airy

The best flip-flops are made from soft fabrics that are light and airy, making them incredibly comfortable to wear all day long - even when you’re on your feet a lot at work or out shopping. Textiles like cotton and linen breathe well, which can make them even more comfortable in hot and humid weather. There are also a range of modern materials and fabrics available in colored and patterned styles that look great and can add a little style to your outfit. Flip-flops are also low-maintenance shoes, so you can just leave them outside to air and be confident that they won’t disintegrate in the rain.

2. Protect Your Feet from Painful Burns and Cuts

If you’re walking barefoot, there are plenty of hazards on the ground that can cut or burn your feet. You might be tempted to walk across a hot asphalt road or pavement, but the pavement can be much hotter than you might think, and it’s not uncommon for cars to have tire patches that are even hotter than the road surface. Bare feet walking across a burning hot road can result in second- or third-degree burns, which can be extremely painful and can take a long time to heal. If you’re walking barefoot near thorny bushes or tall grass, you risk getting your feet badly cut, which can be painful and is an easy entry point for infection.

3. Keep Your Toenails and Skin in Good Condition

Flip-flops protect your toenails and skin from being damaged by sharp objects on the ground, which can make it easier to keep your feet clean and in good condition. If you’ve ever tried walking barefoot on a sandy beach, you’ll know that sand can be incredibly uncomfortable under your feet and can also be exceedingly difficult to remove from between your toes. Keeping your feet protected from sharp objects like broken glass or pieces of metal can also help to prevent lower leg infections, particularly in warm weather when your feet sweat a lot.

4. Help You Stay Safe from Poisonous Plants, Snakes, And Insects

Bare feet are a tempting and easy target for poisonous snakes and insects like spiders and scorpions. Even garter snakes, which are non-venomous, can still give you a nasty bite. Flip-flops can help keep you out of reach of snakes and insects while still giving you a good foothold in soft sand or mud. They can also help to keep your feet safe from prickly plants like cacti. If you’re walking in a place where there are poisonous plants, it’s a clever idea to wear long trousers. But you might decide to wear shorts and flip-flops in hot weather, leaving you vulnerable to a prickly surprise.

5.Make It Easier for You to Actively Enjoy Summer Activities

Wearing flip-flops can make it easier for you to enjoy sports like tennis, tennis, or paddle tennis that require you to walk across hot courts. It can also be better for your feet if you’re playing beach volleyball or badminton and need to walk on soft sand. If you’re swimming in a pool or lake, you might want to wear swimming shoes to protect your feet, but flip-flops are an excellent choice for walking across a sandy beach. If you’re walking on a hot and dusty trail, wearing flip-flops can help to keep dust out of your shoes.

6. They’re Cheap!

Although you can find the occasional designer flip-flop that’s not exactly cheap, most flip-flops are very affordable. Even the most basic flip-flop designs can cost as little as a few dollars and last for years. If you’re looking for a pair of flip-flops that’s going to last and is still affordable, you can also consider purchasing a pair second-hand or borrowing a pair from a friend. If you’re going to buy a new pair of flip-flops, make sure that you select a comfortable design and a size that fits you well. Also be aware that the various parts of your foot grow at different rates, so if one of your feet seems to be growing faster than the other, it might be worth getting a pair of flip-flops in both a larger and a smaller size.

7. They Help You Develop Better Foot Strength and Posture

Flip-flops, particularly if you’re wearing them indoors, can encourage you to stand and walk with a more natural posture, which can help to reduce the strain on your knees and lower back. Wearing flip-flops can also help to strengthen your foot muscles, which can make it easier for you to walk barefoot in hot weather. Choosing the right pair of flip-flops can also help you to walk more comfortably and reduce pressure on your feet and ankles. Choose a pair that has a wide, flexible sole and high arch support, and avoid flip-flops that have an exceptionally low heel or thin soles, as these may lead to discomfort and back pain.


Wearing flip-flops is a terrific way to protect your feet from painful burns and cuts, as well as from poisonous insects, snakes, and plants. You can also use them to promote better posture and foot strength. They’re also very affordable, and you can find them in a range of modern styles and colors that look great for any occasion. If you’re not a fan of flip-flops, you can also find a range of sandals that protect your feet from the elements in the same way. Whether you wear flip-flops or sandals, it’s important to remember to wear sunscreen on your feet.

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