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Whether you are retailer, stationery store owner, school administrator, parent or student, stock-outs are annoying for everyone 

Imagine! It’s back-to-school season and pencils, backpacks, pens, and folders are in high demand, but your store is out of stock. Also, the prices of stationery and other in-demand school supplies are high now. What now?

Back to school season is one of the peak shopping periods of the year, as both parents and children buy stationery for in-class experiences. Back-to-school shopping continues to be a significant opportunity for schools and retailers; thus, we hope retailers and schools don’t want stockout to hurt their businesses. 

Anyone in the retail industry understands the importance of capitalizing on the back-to-school, shopping season. As the industry prepares for its second-largest selling season, retailers are bracing for a storm of obstacles, including increasing production costs, freight delays from China and other Asian countries, and sky-high shipping prices. When it comes to returning to school,, Inc. is one of the biggest challenges for retailers and schools.


 The most evident effect of stockouts is revenue loss. If a customer attempts to place an order when the item is unavailable, you forfeit the sale's profit. A bad customer experience is created when things are out of stock. Another effect of being out of stock is damage to brand reputation and loyalty. Customers who do not receive what they desire from you will seek it from your competitors. Customers who are dissatisfied with your product or service may write bad reviews about it on the online platform, harming your brand's reputation.
You'll have to purchase inventory on short notice if you need merchandise quickly and it's not available in the store. This usually entails paying a rush fee in exchange for expedited delivery and causes increased operational costs.


Now in today's retail industry, it's simply a question of who can be the most inventive and competitive to gain business.

The retailers and schools who would make a purchase early in between June and August, they would be the beneficiaries of this back-to-school season. Only then can they have enormous potential to capture this increasing market with back-to-school spending, up 10% from the previous year. The retailers and schools must also know when people shop for back-to-school supplies and what do they buy.

Here AUKSales based on our research, is giving you a list of those of few items who are in high demand during back-to-school 2022 season and that retailers and schools must shop now to avoid stockouts.

Now, when parents and children are excited for back-to-school shopping, retailers must stock their store well before time. Also, our advice for schools is to stock their classrooms with the necessary supplies and resources to avoid price hikes soon.

The retail players who would stock in advance would be best equipped to pass this year's unusual back-to-school shopping season test.

Good luck! Stay in touch with us for new back-to-school arrivals and discounts. 

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