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Even if there are hundreds of apps available to help you plan your life, a paper desk calendar & weekly planners may be all you need to remain on top of your work schedule. Desk calendars are surviving in the digital age, despite grim forecasts.

Look, I am not living at an old age, why should I use a desk calendar? I have an option of calendar on my phone, iPad, or tablet then why a paper planner calendar? 

If we sought to trace the origins of calendars, we would discover that they have been in use for nearly 2,000 years. This shows that thousands of years ago, humanity discovered time and seasonal cycles. It influenced when they cultivated, harvested, hunted, and did a variety of other jobs critical to their existence.
The Gregorian calendar, which we know and use today, however, was first appeared in 1582. Our use of this calendar is not dissimilar to that of thousands of years ago. Whether it’s a social event or an important appointment, we use them to track them.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a freelance artist, a stay-at-home mom, work from home or a regular in the office, you must have a system in place to plan, organize, and prioritize your chores and event. That structure is critical to getting things done, whether it's on your Google calendar, post-it’s all over your fridge, or a paper planner. 

Most people nowadays use their cell phone or tablet to check the time or date. Many people save appointments and reminders on their digital devices, with audio or visual alerts to notify them at the right times. But do you know a desk calendar or weekly planner, on the other hand, still has a role in today's business world? Believe, once you will discover the magic of desk planners and planners your life will change. Let’s determine together the importance of desk calendars and weekly planners.

Work frequently seeps into the personal space for those who do not guard their time well.

 Today's busiest professionals all have one thing in common: time management. People who are good at managing their time are happier and more productive, but those who lack this are trapped in a cycle of stress, burnout, and missed objectives.

The antidote to this weakness is a well-planned schedule. To enhance time management and ultimately productivity, you need a tool that can integrate into your professional life rather than pushing you to change to it. A desk calendar/weekly planner is that tool because it will help you create routines in your days. We urge you to use a desk calendar/weekly planner because using a calendar with time slots will allow you to devote a portion of your day to these chores before moving on to less predictable pursuits.

A calendar/planner will also help you be more effective in your everyday tasks by allowing you to cross tasks off your "To Do" lists. In fact, some people use their calendars/planners to physically organize their to-do lists into their days. This will ensure that key tasks are not overlooked and that everything on the to-do list is completed. If not, any remaining chores may be added to the to-do list for the following day's schedule.

Although typing and handwriting appear to be similar, our brains approach the two actions differently.

Because handwriting necessitates successive strokes to form each letter, it engages significant areas of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory. The same cannot be said of inputting a letter on a keyboard. Thus, the brain-hand link means, you may recall your appointments faster if you write them down on a desk calendar rather than typing them on your digital calendar.

On the other hand, writing down your tasks on a desk calendar or weekly planner is a good brain exercise. According to Nancy Darling, a psychology professor at Oberlin College, “One of the advantages of moving away from the keyboard and doing something that requires greater flexibility in how we use our hands is that it also requires greater flexibility in how we use our brains.”

A nice approach to advertising that will not make clients feel compelled to buy something

We recommend that don’t underestimate the importance of desk calendars/planners in this digital age. Calendars/planners can help you prioritize your tasks, stay on specific tasks, and remind you to take a break. From a business point of view, the calendar/planner is a very cost-effective marketing tool. Personalized business desk calendars and weekly planners are an excellent and low-cost marketing tool that can be totally customized and branded with your brand logo, colors, and information. They provide a year-round presence, sitting in plain sight at your client's business premises every day. As a result, it is effectively a 365-day opportunity to remind your clients of your brand and business. If the calendar/planner is designed to its full capacity, with a high-quality printed finish, it is certain to make an impression on anybody you gift it to. See following infographic to effectively manage your calendar or planner:


AUK Sales offers a variety of desk calendars & weekly planners including spiral planners, dated, undated, and desk blotter calendars. We can also assist you in getting your own marketing calendar and spiral weekly planner fully established for the rest of the year. You may be confident that your customized desk calendar/weekly planner will exceed your high expectations because it is printed and made with high-quality printers and materials. Glossy gloss for professionalism and perfect durability for the entire year and as a keepsake for life.

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