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Playing Cool Cards Improves Social Skills!

Usually the concept of playing cards is taken very wrongly in society. It always gets connected with something bad. There is a huge misconception in people when we talk about playing cards. People always think that if someone is playing cards he’s into wrong things. He’s messing up his life etc. 

In this article we will discuss how playing cards is cool for you and you can use it to improve your social skills and will also try to end misconceptions about it.

Social Skills for Kids:

You may help your children become more confident and fun to play with and also good in other sports. When you see your kids playing in school and after school, doing healthy activities post their education time, it always feels good to see them becoming social and interacting with others. 

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Childhood and Playing Cards:

Think back to all of the card games you used to play with your friends, or your siblings back in the days, well my personal favorite was UNO which you might relate to as well. Think about those fun days and the quality time you spent with the best people in your life playing cards far away from playing video games on TV or mobile phone. Do you remember any of those games? My favorite might be you as well. Let me take you back in the days with Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Slap Jack, UNO and Flash Cards. Spending a couple bucks on this rather than thousands of dollars on video games is far better, no?

If you are going out for a family holiday, a small deck of cards can easily fit in your pocket. Just open that deck of cards, and show your shuffling skills to your kids which you might have learned from your father or friends back in high school. I’m sure the shuffle trick will blow away your kids and they would love to learn this cool card shuffle. Then teach them how to play cards.

Make your kids learn cards:

Give your kids tips on how to play and teach them playing cards, but don't let them win. You won’t be doing them any favors if you let them win easily. Remember the main reason is to make your kids learn about it. When they lose they would want to learn more about it. They will be more focused about it. 

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Help Them Become Good at the Games

Help your kids learn the games, also help them become good at the games. Teach them the skills required to make good choices like sharp thinking, paying attention, watching other people's moves etc. This will build their confidence and play a vital role in enhancing their skills. 

Once you have taught your kid a good card game or few, they will now feel more comfortable joining in with other kids who are playing card games which will surely enhance their social interaction. They will take this for the rest of their life, that’s how their friendships will grow over the period of time.

For shy or introverted kids, being comfortable and confident with their game playing skills will likely motivate them to play.  

Playing anything with your kids and actually having a good time with them increases their confidence, gives you fun memories together, and provides your children with many learning opportunities to evolve in life. 

When you teach your kids games that you enjoy such as playing cards or UNO, your play time with them will increase, and you will have more fun and parenting will be easier for you. This is something you can do forever; your kids do not always want you to talk about their education, messed up rooms or exam results. I bet they would always be up for a game of cards. Give them something they can stick with forever.

Let us know what you think about this article and which playing cards are best for your kids?

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