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Benefits of Games and Puzzles in Child Development

Games and Puzzles help your brain to function in a great manner. It helps in growth of a child and in this article we will discuss some important elements about how puzzles play an important role in child development. 

There are some important areas where puzzle solving becomes beneficial to the person participating. Those key areas are very important for your child’s development. 

These areas that plays vital role in your child development are:

Physical Skill:

Hand to eye coordination is not something that you should take lightly, and developing this skill is vital for your child’s development.

Fine motor skills, whether it’s a young baby learning to pick up and place the correct block are essential for every area of life, and developing these skills early gives your child great learning values.  Movements, such as getting fingers to get a puzzle piece in the right spot can lead your kid to better handwriting skills. 

Cognitive Skills

By playing with puzzles or games, your child’s brain will be learning as well as practicing spatial awareness and logical thought. By knowing the rules of any puzzle, your child will learn the process of thinking and depending on the type of puzzle could also be good at learning about numbers and letters. 

Every child is different and learns differently and at different speeds, but you can get much needed look into your child’s development by watching them and making sure that they seem to be improving their skills every single day.

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Emotional Skills

Puzzles can be a little frustrating when you get a bit stuck. The first goal is to solve the puzzle, the next goal will be effort and planning your child will try in order to solve the puzzle. Such as putting familiar shapes or colors in the right place. Puzzles are not like any hard played physical sports, you must practice to be patient enough and gradually work to solve the puzzle.

Be a team player:

Sometimes your children will take on the challenge of a game and puzzle with a friend. One child can work on one key element of the game and other can focus on other things. For instance if you are playing a card game, it can be beneficial to learn how to be a team player. It teaches you a lot.

Child development experts according to a research say you can expect your kid to concentrate for about 2-5 minutes times their age. 

That means a 3 year old kid might be able to concentrate on a task for 6 to 15 minutes and games and puzzles are such perfect tools to build those concentration muscles in kids.

Paying attention includes possessing the ability to focus on one thing for a good period of time. Working on a puzzle until completion does give kids the chance to work on one task with any interruption.

But for children to be focused and get benefit from puzzles, you should choose one that is age-appropriate. If it’s too difficult, kids might get impatient and give up. Also, puzzles that are too easy don’t provide enough challenge to boost your child’s focus and patience. So you need the right balance of puzzles for your kids. 

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So what kind of games and puzzles are the best for your child development? The simple answer is that it comes down to the age of the child, but that there is no age limit to the benefits of puzzle solving or playing any sort of games. 

If we talk about a 3 year young kid or a 70 year old man, puzzles can be useful for everyone.

Let us know what you think about it? And how games and puzzles help in a child's development.

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