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Cool Composition Notebook is writer’s Best Friend!

Writers usually come forward as people who are quiet and remain in their own zone. They think and observe a lot so they can transfer their observations into their writing. Composition notebook is their best friend in their quiet time and trust me they talk a lot with each other. Sometimes in the shape of a poem, sometimes short stories and creating characters. 

Have you ever thought that a cheap composition notebook in a couple bucks can be life changing for someone? It must be hard for you to understand, this is what we will discuss in this article. 

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Best Composition notebook is writer’s best friend because:

 It allows you to get your creative side out. It allows you to create your own world where you can create stories according to your choice. There are two kinds of writers. One is those who write as a profession and they need to meet their deadline, others are those who write for sake of passion and their love for writing. The content of both kinds can be different considering the nature of their work but what remains constant is their ability to create a story.

How can a cool composition notebook can help you write?

Sometimes we see and observe things which we wanted to add in our story, article, editorial etc. but the moment we reach back out home we forget everything we have seen, witnessed and observed throughout the day. Composition notebooks come in different sizes, you can get one for yourself according to your ease of carrying it. All you need to do is carry one with you whenever you find something good enough that you believe can help you in writing something really good, just note it down. Take notes about that particular observation so that you won’t forget it later on. Cheap notebook is an expensive investment and you usually see composition notebooks on sale a lot, so what’s stopping you from getting one? I highly recommend getting one for yourself.

Separate composition notebooks:

Sometimes you don’t have a good enough idea yet. But you see a newspaper or report that has valuable information you know you can use in your work.

As a professional writer if you create different spaces for different kinds of work and note that will help you find information you need for a particular work. It won’t be messy for you. Writing content is already a tough job, you can make it easy for you if you know how to manage it well.

Thing you should do:

  • Create a note for each writing project separately.
  • Create a note for each category you create content for.
  • Create a note for each client you create content for.
  • Create a note for each department you create content for

How to find your own unique:

No matter what content you are writing, it needs to be in your own style of writing that is unique. It should never seem like a content that belongs to someone else’s style of writing. Having said that, you need to start out reading and studying the styles of writers you admire the most. Then you use what you learn to develop your own style of writing.

I’ve developed an exercise for you that can walk you through the process of developing your own style of writing:

  • Find 3-4 content writers/bloggers whose style you admire and enjoy reading
  • Select one article/blog from each that is close to the kind of content you want to write for your blog.
  • Select your favorite of the five blogs from your favorite writer, and read it slowly, word-for-word.

Let us know what you like about this article and what you think about the topic?

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