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Learn Using Cool Cellophane for Gift Packing!

Cellophane wrap has long been used to encase gifts and goodies. In this article we will tell you how to make full use of Cellophane gift wraps. You might be planning a surprise gift for your loved one; this is all that you need to know!

As we’re moving forward and the world is getting more environmentally friendly cellophane is reviving big time. This is mainly due to it being 100% degradable and more Eco-friendly packaging. We usually call cellophane “paper wrapping”. However, cellophane is not paper.

Here is what more you need to know about Cellophane Wrap:

You’ll find many varieties of cellophane wrap papers available on cheap prices, but you will see people getting disappointed by low clarity film, bad quality marked by lines. 

You need good quality cellophane gift wrap that can be wrapped around either sharp edges/ soft corners and won’t tear which other materials can do. It can be used for fresh flowers, food, gifts, goodies and greeting cards. It is most effective when it is loosely wrapped around your product. Getting the right size is extremely important for you. 

You can buy our best quality and cheap cellophane wrap papers.

Learn how to wrap a gift using cello wrap:

There are many ways to use cello wrap when it comes to gift packaging, so here are a few important steps that might help you wrap a gift for your friend or someone in your family.

Once you have all the goodies for your gift hamper, you will need to get yourself a basket. Basket is the best option for a gift hamper as it easily carries everything. Choosing your cello wrap is also an important part to this process. Majority gift hampers are wrapped with clear cello, but if you want to be creative you can opt for a designed cello wrap so your friend can remain curious about it till the end, it’s a perfect way to surprise. Also, you need to choose a cellophane wrap size that will fit around the basket easily.

∙       Start by putting your cellophane roll on a flat surface and cut to the appropriate size and place your filled basket or in the middle of the cello.

∙       Lift up all corners and bring them into the center of it.

∙       Now you will see four flaps in total, while holding the four corners in the centerfold the flaps against the basket and tape it with clear sticky tape. 

∙       Now pull the four corners up and collect the cellophane inwards with your hand and twist 2 times. Secure it with some more clear tape.

∙       Place some ribbon over the clear tape.

∙       Use your tape to secure edges.

While each type of cellophane wrap has its most common use, all types can be used in your own different ways. Keep some amongst your packaging supplies and you’ll always have the perfect materials to experiment with your flower bouquet, goodies, surprise gift etc.

Let us know what you feel about this article and how helpful this was for you to learn cellophane gift wrapping.

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