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Surgical or N95 Face Mask – Which One is the Best?

These days, face masks are an important asset for daily use. Covid-19 has transformed our lives and one cannot leave the house without some essential supplies. A face mask and hand sanitizer are the most crucial assets for everyday usage as they prevent the spread of the virus. Along with them, social distancing and washing your hands for 20 seconds are also important steps that one can take to stay safe.

However, we have seen various types of masks surface in the market. This raises the question about which is the best face mask to use; is N95 the best or the surgical one is more effective? And we will be discussing this matter in detail, in this piece of article.

Is Face Mask Important for Staying Safe from Covid-19?

Yes, it is, especially if you are in a public place. They help in minimizing the risk of transmission of respiratory droplets, which is one of the major causes of the spread of Covid-19. For instance, if you are in an office, restaurant, school or store or any other public place, you must wear the best face mask.

Many people are confused as to whether they should wear a mask if they are walking or exercising outdoors or not. If there are people around, even at a distance, it is best to wear a mask. However, if you walk early in the morning and there aren’t many people or you are walking alone in a park, you can avoid the face mask. It is still best to keep one along with you. If the park starts getting crowded after a little time, it is suggested that you cover your face with it. It is best to be safe rather than being sorry.

Children under the age 2 can avoid the face mask as they are at a very low, close to none risk of catching the virus. If the child is comfortable wearing a mask at the age of 2, then you can let them wear it. However, it is not convenient for kids to wear one and thus, it is recommended that you don't take them out in public or crowded places.

Is N95 Better Than Surgical Mask?

People are usually confused when they have to buy face mask. You can find different types of masks in the market. There are three types that are accessible in the market; N95, surgical and cloth face mask.

The real confusion is between surgical and N95 masks. People tend to believe that a N95 mask is much better in protecting them from the virus than a surgical mask. Most of us believe that too. However, studies tend to turn our beliefs upside down.

A study was done to see whether N95 masks are better than surgical ones. And it showed that the number of infections were the same, in both the masks. However, there was a slightly lower infection rate in people who wore surgical masks. This was an astonishing outcome for almost everyone as people tend to believe in N95 being more protective than other face masks.

Thus, there is no need to be confused between the two types. Whether you buy surgical masks or N95, you will be getting the same level of protection. However, if you don’t practice social distancing, both of these might not work. You have to maintain a good distance to control the transmission of the virus.

Are Cloth Masks Worth It?

According to the medical experts, cloth masks are not reliable. They are not good enough to stop the spread of the virus as the particles get transmitted easily through fabric. Surgical masks and N95 masks are safe as the fabric used in them is more reliable and it tends to stop the particles from reaching your nose and mouth. Thus, a cloth face mask is not worth it and you should try your best to avoid wearing them. They are not extremely protective and in such tough times, you must buy good face masks only.

Can You Get Face Masks in Bulk?

Don’t we all need face masks in bulk these days? We do! People who have to go to the office and school daily need a lot of face masks for daily use. You don’t want to run out of them soon. This is why, getting them in bulk is the best idea and AUKSales is the best place to get as many good face masks as you want.

It is best to discard your face mask if you have been wearing it for the entire day. It has various germs, bacteria and viruses on it. Many people use their masks for several days and it is not safe. This is why you can get a N95 face mask for sale at AUKSales, at a very affordable price. We have a variety of cool face masks, in all colors and sizes. The variety helps you buy face masks in bulk for your daily use. If you go out daily, you can match your mask with your outfit too. Buy as much as you can and we deliver them to you within a few days' time span.

Why Choose Face Masks from AUKSales?

AUKSales have the best face masks for you. Our high-quality products are available in bulk and a very affordable price. Where other companies are charging extremely high prices, we make sure that our customers don’t have to face this issue with us. We have good face masks available in a wonderful variety.

So why choose us? Here is why:

  • We have all types of face masks available. Whether you want a surgical mask or an N95 mask or a cloth one; we have them all for you.
  • We don't only have a great variety but we have cool face masks for kids too, in different colors. They can enjoy wearing it outdoors and adults can style them up with their outfits too.
  • We also have disposable face masks available.
  • Our customer service team is accessible 24/7. We answer all your queries right away. If you have any confusion or questions, you can get back to us.

If you are looking for the best face masks, AUKSales is your best bet. We have a great variety available for you.

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