Gel Hand Sanitizer 3.4 oz, 80% alcohol , Case Pack of 63, Ideal for Bulk Buyers

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Gel Hand Sanitizer 3.4 oz, 80% alcohol , Case Pack of 63 , Ideal for Bulk Buyers. 

This sanitizer is great to clean your hands and make them free from any bacteria and viruses. This product is a must have for the ongoing corona-virus pandemic.Take an appropriate amount of the product to moisten your hands and rub for 15 seconds until the liquid covers your hands, wait for drying, and do not wash with water.
Function: Effectively eliminate most pathogenic microorganisms, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. It is gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin, has water-holding and moisturizing function . Do not wash with water, easy to save water.

  • This hand sanitizer is available in 3.4 ounces bottle
  • It is great to make your hands germ free and it is has soothing properties of aloe vera that will keep your hand smooth and moisturized 
  • It is handy in size, easy to use and is travel friendly
  • It is available in case pack of 63
  • It is ideal for bulk buyers , wholesalers and retailers

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