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Is Composition Notebook Still Relevant in 2021?

We are breathing in a world that is changing quickly. Every day we have some new technology coming into the market that can change the dimensions of human life. The way we live our life, think our ideas and take actions on them is all technology driven these days. Technology is shaping our life whether negative or positive. Even if you go to the doctor, everything is now done through an electronic health record and all your past data is stored online. This has surely fastened the pace a human can work.

There is no alternate of writing with a pen and paper. It is one of the key aspects of course along with cost efficiency. There is a wide range of paper products including composition notebook, pencils, pens, and markers each with their own experience and feel.

Digital Notebook

The use of digital applications has rapidly increased, replacing paper as the primary means of record keeping in almost every field. The use of digital notebook is growing in every industry. However, there are still many people who are hesitant to make the transformation and stick to simple paper like composition notebook as keeping notes or information, which is quite understandable.

Search Ability

Digital notebooks are helpful providing tools to keep the notebook organized. One of their most important aspects is their search ability. When you need to find some important work, you did a year ago, you can simply search for the topic and find it instantly rather than look at every page through written notebooks. If that alone doesn’t make you excited about digital notebooks, they also allow you to categorize working according to their titles so they make it easier to find.

Security is Always a Concern

When it comes to the security of digital notebook, one of the biggest fears of using it is getting hacked or misused by someone. Even though it is password protected, it is still being stored in a database somewhere in the world. There will always be a security concern.

Value of Composition Notebook

Composition notebook is versatile and it is always valuable. It can be used to write an assignment, create a record of notes on the board, or write a full-length essay. It gives you a great amount of range while writing. AUKSales is offering bulk composition notebooks for retailers and schools at cheap prices.

A research was done by two European professors: Professor Anne Mangen from Stavanger University and Neurophysiologist Jean Luc Velay of Marseille University. The researchers compared two groups of people, both asked to learn an unfamiliar alphabet. The first group used the old method of writing on. The second group used a keyboard.

Results were measured every week to determine the final result. According to the final results, the first group using the old method of writing on paper learned the alphabet better than the second group who were using the keyboard. So according to this study, students who take hand written notes learn better than those using a keyboard.

Composition Notebook Keeps You Less Distracted

Have you ever experienced that a composition notebook keeps you less distracted? If not then you must recall it. Whenever you use a digital notebook for some work, you keep getting distracted by different social platforms. You keep scrolling down your mouse and end up using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or even searching things on Google for no reason. That doesn’t happen with paper notebooks. The process of organizing your work and writing it down will help you recall it easily later on.

There is a term called ‘Haptic’ which means that hand written notes engage more of human senses. The brain is more active while learning, so the process of learning for students gets enhanced. Buy cheap notebooks and composition books in bulk on wholesale prices at AUKSales.


Composition notebook will always have its place. However, the digital notebook will also stay. We believe that the notebook is an important learning tool for students; we also feel that technology has its ground in our education system. Apps like Google Docs offer spaces for students to work together even from home.

Having said all this and explaining about both digital and composition notebook, we still believe that learning still begins in the classroom, where the best place to capture the moments remains paper and pen.

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